The following is a GCW FAQ that has been created by nebaf in the official boards. You can check the original post here. I backed up the FAQ because of the board migration next week. If you are nebaf and want me to change or remove this, please contact me.

I made a few updates to the FAQ, mainly concerning the GCW points and the GCW rewards since nebaf doesnt update his FAQ anymore.

Note: This FAQ/Guide is still a work in progress... but it's getting there

If you notice anything is missing, is poorly worded, incorrect or if you have any questions feel free to post them here and they be will addressed ASAP.


Table of Contents

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Joining a Faction
  3. GCW Armor and Weapons
  4. Player Bases
  5. GCW Ranks and Decay
  6. Faction Rewards and Costs
  7. Factional Abilities
  8. Static GCW Bases
  9. Restuss
  10. The Corvette
  11. The GCW Point System
  12. The Rebel Theme Park
  13. The Imperial Theme Park
  14. Luke and Vader Missions
  15. Cries of Alderaan Act III
  16. Links/References

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn.t my progress updating?

Currently your GCW progress updates weekly on Thursday at 11 AM PST. You will not see your progress update in real time as you earn GCW.

How far will I progress this week?

Unfortunately, you don.t know how far you will progress until the rank update. However, a player made calculate can be found here

***Warning: The table below is based upon a player made formula, results may be different ingame***

GCW Needed for 100% Progression from Rank X to Rank X+1

   Rank Progression       1 Week       2 Weeks       3 Weeks        4 Weeks        5 Weeks
  Rank 1 to Rank 2       10,000        3,333         1,999          1,428          1,111
  Rank 2 to Rank 3       19,285        3,970         2,211          1,534          1,173
  Rank 3 to Rank 4       21,666        4,062         2,240          1,547          1,181
  Rank 4 to Rank 5       38,333        4,423         2,345          1,597          1,210
  Rank 5 to Rank 6       54,999        4,583         2,389          1,617          1,222
  Rank 6 to Rank 7       104,999       4,772         2,440          1,640          1,235
  Rank 7 to Rank 8     Impossible      22,442        11,191         9,611          8,974
  Rank 8 to Rank 9     Impossible      35,684        12,368         10,433         9,713
  Rank 9 to Rank 10    Impossible    Impossible      13,993         11,507         10,668
 Rank 10 to Rank 11    Impossible    Impossible      16,607         13,018         12,007
 Rank 11 to Rank 12    Impossible    Impossible      21,078         14,890         13,699

Where are the best places to gain GCW?

GCW points are awarded through both PvP and PvE kills.

Common PvE Locations

Common PvP Locations*

*Note: PvP hotspots vary from server to server. The above are the most likely locations you'll find PvP on all servers. Be sure to check your galaxy forums and the player event schedule for addition PvP locations and events.

Can I gain a full rank in one week?

Generally speaking, you can gain a rank a week up until Lieutenant, where after that it will be impossible to progress to the next rank within a week.

The most you can reasonably expect to progress in one week:

*Note: Some of these values may be very inaccurate and will vary depending on how much GCW you earned. This is just to give you a rough idea as to how far you can progess in a week.

What is a TEF?

TEF stands for "Temporary Enemy Flag". A TEF is placed on you anytime you attack a player or NPC of the opposing faction. It prevents you from entering both public and private player structures. However, you can still enter non player structures such as starports while you have a TEF. TEFs usually last a couple minutes.

Why can't I place my factional base?

You must be either combatant or SF to place a factional base. Furthermore, each planet has a cap on the number of bases it can hold. This cap is the total of Imperial and Rebel bases combined. You are also limited to 3 bases per character. Only three bases can be in the same 1000m area.

Do my "old" faction base deeds work?

There actually is no "old" base. All base deeds will work the same way regardless of how old they are.

What is this diminishing returns formula?

The current formula used for calculating your progress each week is known as a diminishing returns formula. As the amount of points you gain increases, they will have less of an impact on your progress. For example, if you earned 10,000 GCW points in one week, the first 1,000 points earned would progress you 10%. The last 1,000 points would only progress you an additional 1% as opposed to 10% due to diminishing returns. 

What's so special about Restuss?

Restuss is a unique PvP battleground introduced as high level content for players. In additional to PvP, it hosts a variety of PvE quests which are rewarded with commendations. Commendations can be turned in for special factional armor and weapons.

Are faction points still useful?

Rebel and Imperial faction points now function is much the same was as any other faction points function. They are used to determine how an NPC may react to you.

What are commendations used for?

Commendations are rewarded after completing various factional quests in Restuss. These commendations are used to "buy" rewards from the commendations officer which include special factional armor and weapons. 

Where can I get factional armor?

There are 3 sets of both Imperial and Rebel armor that you can purchased from an armorsmith on your server. These suits cannot be purchased from a recruiter and only a master armorsmith can obtain the schematics from a recruiter.

There are also two factional armor suits that can be obtained  

Joining a Faction

In order to join a faction you must either visit a recruiter or a pilot trainer. Converse with them and they will allow you to join their faction.

Recruiters can be found in some non player cities and POIs.

Imperial Recruiters

Rebel Recruiters

If you decide to switch factions, you will have to wait 5 days (120 hours) before you can join the opposing faction.

To resign from your current faction you must speak to a recruiter. It will take 5 minutes for you resignation to be complete.

GCW Armor and Weapons

There are a total of 6 crafted factional armor suits, three for Rebels and three for Imperials. To obtain a suit use your galaxies trade forum to find an Armorsmith or locate a vendor selling these suits using vendor search.

Rebel Armor

Imperial Armor

Crusader Armor . This armor can be purchased with commendations that are awarded for completing quests in Restuss. You can also purchase commendations from other players. The commendation officers can be found at the following locations: (4777, 5789) for the Rebel Officer and (5976, 5642) for the Imperial Officer.

Factional Special Ops Officer Armor - Factional armor granted at the ranks of Major and Lt.Colonel/Commander. Talk to a faction recruiter to obtain a set, costs and stats are outlined below.

*Note: Cost varies depending on planetary standing/species. This is the base cost for a human.

Factional Weapons

The following weapons can be purchased with commendations from your factions commendations officer located in Restuss.

CM Dead Bolt Pistol

CM Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun

CM Reaper Sniper Rifle

Crusader M-XIII Pistol

Crusader M-XIII Carbine

Crusader M-XIV Rifle

Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle

Crusader Templar Sword

Nova Edge Sword

Player Bases

Player bases can be obtained either from factional recruiters, through loot drops or are granted as rewards for completing quests obtained from Vader or Luke Skywalker. The bases can be placed anywhere normal player structures are placed, and do not require lots. A total of three bases can be placed per character.

PvE Bases

SF Bases

Vulnerability Timers

Destroying a Base

Professions Needed to Destroy Bases:

To destroy a base a series of 5 terminals must be sliced. Once all five terminals are sliced the base will go into a 10 minute countdown. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Jam the Uplink Terminal . You must be a bounty hunter. To jam this terminal you need to select a bandwidth between 1 and 10. As you choose numbers you will be told if you need to go higher or lower. After the correct bandwidth is chosen, you must choose  a channel. To find the channel you repeat the same process you used to find the correct bandwith.*
  2. Slice the Security Terminal . You must be a smuggler to slice this terminal. To slice the terminal simple summon the radial menu and hit slice.
  3. DNA Sequence the Override Terminal . You must be a medic to use this terminal. This is definitely the most challenging terminal to use. There is a total of 23 letters displayed that need to be matched with letters from the sample string. The letter A needs to be matched with the letter T and vice versa. The letter C needs to be matched with the letter G and vice versa.
  4. Switch Alignment of the Power Regulator . You must be a commando to use this terminal. Your goal is to get all the switches to an off position. To accomplish this you will need to flip the various switches which will in turn flip one or more switches.
  5. Active Overload at the Primary Terminal . You must be an officer to use this terminal. To activate the overload terminal simply select activate overload from the radial menu.
  6. Countdown Initiated . The base will blow up after 10 minutes. If you're destroying a SF base you will need to guard the base from the opposing factional who has the ability to abort the countdown. If countdown is aborted, the officer will need to activate the overload again.

*Note: All terminals must be sliced in order.

**Note: Some bases are occasionally bugged and may be missing one or more terminals. If you base is missing a terminal, don't worry! Just move onto the next terminal.

***Note: If you are attempting to slice a SF base and none of the terminals are present, then the base is not vulnerable.

Base Defenses

Turrets . Can be donated to PvE bases only

Mines . Can be donated to both PvE and SF bases.

*Note: Crafted mines can no longer be donated to factional bases. Neither can the old minefield deeds.

Planetary Base Caps . Each planet has a limit to the number of bases that can be placed on it. This cap is based on the number of both Imperial and Rebel bases.

GCW Points per Base:

*Note: You must be within 100m of the base in order to receive credit. You have to be at least combatant to receive credit.

GCW Ranks and Decay

GCW Ranks

Rank Decay

Amount of GCW Needed to Counter Decay:

Factional Rewards

*All Costs are in credits.

**Costs will vary depending on your planets GCW score, with the lowest possible costs being one-third of the costs listed below.


*Note: You need to be a master armormsith to buy these schematics

*Note: You must be a bounty hunter, commando or spy to buy these traps/mines (HX2 are commando only, Kamino are spy only).

Lance Corporal/Trooper

Corporal/High Trooper

*Note: You need to be a smuggler or spy to buy this.


Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant

Sergeant Major/ Sergeant Major

Lieutenant/ Lieutenant



Lt. Colonel/Commander



Factional Abilities

*Note: These abilities cannot be used indoors.

Static GCW Bases

There are currently three static PvP bases which can be found at the following locations:


You efforts for defending these static bases are rewarded with stims. The longer you hold the base, the better the stims you can purchase will be. All stims are no trade. You can hold only one type of each stim at a time.

Military Stimpack

Military Adrenaline Injection

Military Pain Numbing Powder

Military Damage Booster Pack

Military Personal Reactive Shield 

Military Reactive Stim Injector

Military Reactive Adrenaline Injector

Military Critical Reactive Stim Injector - This is a military grade injector that treats wounds automatically when the user is near death. It's known to malfunction at times and should not be solely relied upon to save the wearer from injury and/or death.

Rallying Banner - (CL 75) This banner will greatly increase the morale of friendly troopers in its vicinity, increasing their combat ability. Rallying banner gives a buff to your surrounding players depending on your profession. They are placed as banners on the ground and are static for 3 mins. The banner has 10 uses and can be placed every three minutes. Buffs refresh everytime you go near the banner.

Time Needed to Advance to the Next Phase:


In late June, the city Restuss located on Rori was revamped into a PvP zone, where players can battle the opposing faction and complete missions to earn commendations. Commendations can be exchanged for a variety of of weapons as well as armor.

Each faction has their own base, located shortly outside Restuss. The Rebel base is located at about (4800, 5800) and the Imperial base is located at about (6000, 5600). You can obtain missions from the various NPCs located at these bases, as well converse with the Commendations Officer to obtain you Restuss Armor or Weapons. Each base also has a cloner.

All the Restuss missions are repeatable and are outlined below:

Imperial Missions

Space Strike, Part II

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Wulf (5908, 5517) Description: The Empire needs to make sure they have control of the space above Rori before they move in capital ships and reinforcements. You have been ordered to assist by destroying Rebel military ships in the Corellia system.


  • 1500 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction Points
  • 1 Imperial Commendations

Lord of War, Part II

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Pofko (5908, 5572) Description: Full-scale war demands armaments, and Lieutenant Pofko has ordered you to create a rocket launcher for the Imperial Army.


  • 3000 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction Points
  • 2 Imperial Commendations

Mine Wars, Part II

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Wholding (5965, 5532) Description: The Empire needs raw materials to complete theor base in Restuss. They have ordered you to supply them with 250 units of organometallic gas from Deep Space.


  • 4000 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction Points
  • 2 Imperial Commendations

Disrupting Enemy Reinforcements, Part II (Level 55)

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Gregor (5957, 5658) Description: The Rebels are trying to reinforce their army in Restuss with their elite troopers. Hunt down and kill 5 Rebel Commandos before they reach Restuss. Note: Only enemies designated exactly as "Rebel Commando" will count toward mission completion.


  • 3000 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction Points
  • 1 Imperial Commendation

Secure Restuss, Boss [Group] (Level 90)*

Starting NPC: Captain Okto (5994, 5647) Description: The Empire needs to make sure that the Rebels don't get their hands on any leftovers from the failed experiment in Restuss. One of the most important leaders of the Rebel rabble is a Captain Vrinko. Your orders are to eliminate this dangerous individual. You have been provided with a waypoint to the building that the Rebel leader is hiding in. Imperial elite troopers are standing by to pump in gas to the building to drive him out. The coward will most likely send out his troops first though so be prepared for a battle.


  • 6000 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction Points
  • 8 Imperial Commendations

Antenna Destruction (Level 80)*

Starting NPC: Captain Okto (5994, 5647) Description: The Imperial Army has placed antennae around Restuss, to coordinate their troops and spy on the Alliance. Your orders are to destroy one of these antennas.


  • 5000 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction Points
  • 2 Imperial Commendations

*Note: You must choose one of the two missions. Secure Restuss, Boss and Antenna Destruction cannot be taken at the same time. 

Secure Restuss, Elite [Group] Level 85

Starting NPC: Captain Roth (5966, 5747) Description: The Empire needs to make sure that the Rebels don't get their hands on any leftovers from the failed experiment in Restuss. The Rebel scum has enlisted some of their 'finest' soldiers for their dirty business. Your orders are to eliminate 5 of these Rebel 'Elite' Commandos.


Secure Restuss (Level 80)

Starting NPC: Captain Roth (5966, 5647) Description: The Empire needs to make sure that the Rebels don't get their hands on any leftovers from the failed experiment in Restuss. Your orders are to defeat 20 Rebel soldiers in Restuss, to help restore control of the city.


Stolen Property (Level 80)

Starting NPC: Captain Exov (5970, 5635) Description: The Rebels have captured sensor arrays that the Empire has placed around Restuss. Your orders are to recapture one of them. 


Rebel Supply Convoy (Level 80)**

Starting NPC: Captain Exov (5970, 5635) Description: The Rebels are moving supplies back and forth between their troops in Restuss and their base. Your orders are to ambush the convoy and steal at least three of their supply crates, then return to Captain Exov.


**Note: You must complete the Stolen Property mission to unlock this mission.

Rebel Missions

Space Attack, Part II

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Grollo (4779,5888) Description: The Empire is calling in backup TIE fighters from the Yavin system to gain superiority in the Corellia system. The Alliance have tasked you with crippling them before they even reach Coriellia. Destroy 15 Tie fighters in the Yavin System.


Illegal Arms, Part II

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Ingri (4835,5809) Description: The Alliance is steeping-up the war effort in Restuss and needs more weapons. Lieutenant Ingri has asked you to make a rocket launcher for the cause


Building a War, Part II

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Romer (4722, 5870) Description: The Alliance needs raw materials for completing the military base on Rori. They have asked you to supply them with 250 units of organometallic gas from Deep Space.


On the Offense, Part II (Level 55)

Starting NPC: Lieutenant Olvog (4781, 5772) Description: The Empire is bringing their Dark Troopers to assist in Restuss. Hunt them down and deafeat them before they even reach Restuss. Note: Only enemies designated exactly as .Dark Trooper. will count towards mission completion.


Total War, Boss [Group] (Level 90)*

Starting NPC: Captain Voldez (4780, 5769) Description: The Alliance needs to secure any remains of the Imperial research in Restuss. One of the key officers behind the madness in Restuss is Admiral Grot. The Alliance is tasking you with the extremely difficult mission of eliminating him. Alliance spies have located him and you have been provided with a waypoint to the building where he.s at. Rebel commandos wll assist you by using gas to drive out the Admirial from the building


Antennae Sabotage (Level 80)*

Starting NPC: Captain Voldez (4780, 5769) Description: The Imperial Army has placed antennae around Restuss, to coordinate their troops and spy on the Alliance. Your orders are to destroy one of these antennas.


*Note: You must choose one of the two missions. Total War, Boss and Antennae Sabotage cannot be taken at the same time. 

Total War, Elite [Group] Level 85

Starting NPC: Captain Redding (4772, 5786) Description: The Alliance needs to secure any remains of the Imperial research in Restuss. The Imperial Army has brought in some of their most skilled soldiers, Urban Assault Dark Troopers. Your task is to quell this high threat by eleiminating 5 of them.


Total War (Level 80)

Starting NPC: Captain Redding (4772, 5786) Description: The Alliance needs to secure any remains of the Imperial research in Restuss. been tasked with aiding in securing the city by defeating 20 Imperial soldiers.


Turning the Tables (Level 80)

Starting NPC: Captain Klork (4793, 5764) Description: The Empire has set up sensor arrays around Restuss to help their search for research data. The Alliance wants you to capture on of these so that they can use them for the same thing.


Ambush! (Level 80)**

Starting NPC: Captain Klork (4793, 5764) Description: The Imperial Army is moving research material that they have collected from the rubble of Restuss to their base. The Alliance wants you to ambush the convoy and steal the research material.


**Note: You must complete the Turning the Tables mission to unlock this mission.

The Emperor's Hand

The Emperor's Hand is a unique NPC that spawns near the destroyed Restuss Starport. If you're fortunate to survive the fight, examine her corpse and you will receive a schematic for a special Jedi Lightsaber Hilt called the Jinsu Hilt. The Emperor's Hand is on a 3 to 8 hour spawn timer.

The Corvette

The Corvette is a high level instance which takes somewhere out in space aboard a Coriellan Corvette. There are three types of missions which can be completed for each faction: a destroy mission, an assasination mission and a rescue mission. For the destroy mission your goal is to blow up the corvette by choosing specific settings on a couple terminals. For the assasination mission you must kill a high level officer. For the rescue mission you must rescue two prisoners.

It is possible to solo the Corvette although you benefit by taking a group with you as you will complete it fast. Once you board the Corvette you will have 60 minutes to complete your mission, after which time you will be ejected.

The Corvette is also a great place to earn GCW points. Each run yields about 500 points and with a full group can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes. If every person in your group has a ticket you can do 8 runs in less than 2 hours which would yield about 4000 GCW points.

Rebel Missions
*You must be Combatant or SF in order to start the mission to get the ticket and to board the Corvette.
Destroy Mission:
Starting NPC: Master Sergeant Crowley, Kor Vella, Corellia (-3404 3092)
Assassination Mission:
Starting NPC: Pashna Starkiller, Bela Vistal, Corellia (6772 -5697)
Rescue mission:
Starting NPC: Adar Tallon, Tyrena, Corellia (-5448 -2674)
Imperial Missions
Destroy Mission:
Starting NPC: Lt. Velso at the Emperor.s Retreat, Naboo (2405 -3967)
Assassination Mission:
Starting NPC: Lt Sabol, Bestine, Tatooine (-1291 -3539)
Rescue mission:

Starting NPC: Colonel Darkstone, Imperial Oasis, Tatooine (-5321 2702)

For more information on how to do the Corvette go to this thread: Corellian Corvette - Complete Walkthrough for All Factions

The GCW Point System and Planetary Control

The Galactic Civil War Point System is based off of planetary control points you can earn via killing opposing NPCs and declared players. Each planet has it's own unique planetary control standing. The planets which planetary control points can be scored on are: Tatooine, Lok, Dantooine, Coriella, Talus, Naboo and Rori. 

To Score Planetary Control Points:

To check the Planetary Control Score:

Rewards for Controlling a Planet

Faction Aligned Cities

The Rebel Theme Park

The Rebel Theme Park is a long series of delivery, escort and assasination missions that take place on Coriella, Lok, Dantooine and finally Yavin4. After completing each set of missions you will be rewarded with factional items, faction points, credits as well as a badge after completing the final mission.

The Rebel Theme Park is recommend for players level 25 and higher. You must be a Rebel combatant or special forces in order to do these missions.

Rebel Hideout, Corellia

Starting NPC: C-3P0 (-6507, 5985)

  1. Deliver Food to Selonian
    • Reward: 50 credits
  2. Deliver Medicine to Captain Montrasword
    • Reward: 100 credits
  3. Escort Captain Teargle
    • Reward: 150 credits
  4. Deliver Information to Captain Drexsler
    • Reward: (2-6) Ranged Weapons Components, 200 credits, 50 faction points

Starting NPC: Qual'do Herm (-6512, 6005)

  1. Deliver Comm-link to I'klee'trao
    • Reward: 200 credits
  2. Kill Sergeant Montage [Escort: 1 Stormtrooper]
    • Reward: 250 credits
  3. Kill Captain Sargon [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
    • Reward: 300 credits
  4. Rescue(Escort) I'klee'trao
    • Reward: (2-6) Components(Melee Weapon/Medical), 75 faction points

Starting NPC: Wedge Antilles (-6490, 6005)

  1. Deliver Letter to Officer Devlin
    • Reward: 350 credits
  2. Kill Iris
    • Reward: 400 credits
  3. Kill General Graise [Escort: 1 Imperial Staff Corporal, 1 Imperial First Lieutenant]
    • Reward: 450 credits
  4. Kill General Boize [Escort: 4 Stormtroopers]
    • Reward: 500 credits
  5. Kill Officer Emil [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
    • Reward: Rebel Signet Ring, 100 faction points

Starting NPC: Leia Organa (-6506, 5974)

  1. Rescue(Escort) Deasie A'Fresel [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
    • Reward: 550 credits
  2. Escort Officer Tennelt
    • Reward: 600 credits
  3. Rescue(Escort) Selonian Advocate
    • Reward: 650 credits
  4. Deliver Datapad to Fnast
    • Reward: 700 credits
  5. Capture(Escort) Imperial Undercover Commander [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
    • Reward: Insulated Ubese Armor Piece(Helmet/Jacket/Pants), 125 faction points

Nym's Cantina, Lok

Starting NPC: Nien Nunb (476, 5075)

  1. Escort Engineer
  2. Kill Bounty Hunter
  3. Kill Pirate
  4. Retrieve(Deliver) Hyperdrive Part from Trader

Starting NPC: Han Solo (471, 5052)

  1. Escort E'Dycu
  2. Kill Bandit [Escort: 2 Thugs]
  3. Kill Bandit Leader [Escort: 3 Pirates]
  4. Rescue(Escort) Han's Friend [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
  5. Deliver Money to Nateba Kerr

Abandoned Rebel Base, Dantooine

Starting NPC: Ackbar (-6812, 5560)

  1. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
  2. Kill Disgruntled Citizen
  3. Deliver Datapad to Teria Alessie
  4. Deliver Information to Jeremes Kelton [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
  5. Kill Stormtrooper

Starting NPC: Mon Mothma (-6824, 5550)

  1. Deliver Holovid to Bothan Spy
  2. Kill Strike Team Leader [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
  3. Escort Captain Altapi T'mman
  4. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
  5. Capture(Escort) Senior Engineer [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
  6. Kill Imperial General [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]

The Temple of Exar Kun, Yavin IV

Starting NPC: General Jan Dodonna (5015, 5537)

  1. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
  2. Escort Rebel Contact
  3. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
  4. Deliver Datapad to Nateba Kurr
  5. Deliver Datapad to Rebel Pilot

Starting NPC: Luke Skywalker (5029, 5536)

  1. Escort Supervisor
  2. Kill Big Creature(Giant Mawgax)
  3. Escort Expedition Team Member
  4. Kill Creature(Giant Mawgax)
  5. Deliver Box to Tribesman

The Imperial Theme Park

The Imperial Theme Park is a long series of delivery, escort and assasination missions that take place near the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo. After completing each set of missions you will be rewarded with factional items, faction points, credits as well as a badge after completing the final mission.

The Imperial Theme Park is recommend for players level 25 and higher. You must be an Imperial combatant or special forces in order to do these missions.

Emperor's Retreat, Naboo (2423 -3942)

Starting NPC: Kaja Or'Zee

  1. Escort Govenor Grayeg Wintozzen back to the Retreat.
  2. Track down Rebel Sypathizer and kill him Rebel Sympathizer (Level 15)
  3. Track down and kill An Assassin  (Level 18)
  4. Track and kill a Droid Programmer (Level 18)
  5. Escort Imperial RA-7 (Moff's Droid) back to the Retreat.

Starting NPC: Inquisitor Loam Redge

  1. Apprehend Suspect, Return to the Retreat
  2. Apprehend Rebel Sympathizer, return to Retreat.
  3. Find the Courier and retrieve the datapad (Level 4)
  4. Find the slicer, return him to the Retreat.

Starting NPC: Lord Hethrir

  1. Find the Rebel Traitor and kill him, retrieve his holodisk and return it to the Retreat (Level  2)
  2. Locate and destroy the Meeting House Owner, take his datapad and then return it to the retreat (Level  2)
  3. Locate and kill the slicer (Level  2)
  4. Deliver datadisk to Holonet broadcaster
  5. Retrieve the Rebel Conspirator, return him to the retreat.

Starting NPC: Captain Thrawn.

  1. Escort Captain Dolmen to the retreat
  2. Retrieve the Flight Transponder from the Thug (Level  4)
  3. Deliver Balistics Report to Geg Winthazen
  4. Kill Fambaa (Level  22)
  5. Retrieve rocket from Seldair Keeloo, if she reacts in an undesirable manner, kill her (Level  4)
  6. Kill Rebel Commando (Level 25)

Starting NPC: Colonel Veers

  1. Kill Rebel Trooper (Level 15)
  2. Kill the Rebel Trooper (Level 15)
  3. Track and kill the thug (Level 4)
  4. Identify Borvo, a twi'lek and kill him (Level 4)
  5. Kill Mercenary (Level 4)

Starting NPC: Emperor Palpatine

  1. Return the Thug Ringleader to the Emperor at the retreat.
  2. Deliver datapad to the Thug Ringleader
  3. Kill the Queen's Security Officer (Level 11)
  4. Escort the Queen's Handmaiden Altah to the retreat so the Emperor may "apologize" to her.
  5. Kill the Thug Ringleader (Level 4)
  6. Deliver holodisk to Naboo Parliament Courier
  7. Kill the Rebel General (Level 15)

Starting NPC: Darth Vader

  1. Kill the Rebel Courier (Level 11)
  2. Retrieve infromation from Mara Jade
  3. Kill the Rebel Sympathizer (Leve 11)
  4. Retrieve the data disk from the Information Broker
  5. Kill the Information Broker (Level 22)
  6. Kill Obi-Wan's Friend (Level 11)

Luke and Vader Missions

Imperial Combatant Missions

Rewards: 25k Credits, 1000 Imperial Faction and 1 Deed for Imperial Forward Outpost

Imperial Special Forces Missions


Rebel Combatant Missions

Rebel Special Forces Missions

Cries of Alderaan Act III: Dead Eye

Starting NPC: Either a Rebel or Imperial Coordinator, which can be found at these locations:

Rebel Mission

Converse with a Rebel Coordinator, they will tell you to see an Information Officer first. These are found within the guild halls in the same city as the Coordinator.

The Information officer will assign you a couple simple delivery missions. Once you have completed the missions you can go back and talk to the Rebel Coordinator.

The Rebel Coordinator will you about Dead Eye and Jabba's connection to it. You need to steal it from his people. You may need positive Jabba Faction in order to do the mission.

The Rebel Coordinator will give you a waypoint on either Yavin4, Endor or Dathomir. The waypoint will always be 8190, 8190 no matter which planet you get.

When you approach the target NPC, you must answer all the questions correctly or they will aggro on you. If you kill him, you have to go back to the Rebel Coordinator to get a new waypoint.

Answer 1: I work for Jabba. Answer 2: Whatever makes me the most money.

The NPC ends the conversation and you must converse with them again.

Answer 1: What do you do for fun? Answer 2: Yes, lots of money to be made at that game.

The NPC ends the conversation and you must converse with them again.

Answer 1: I love playing Sabacc. Answer 2: Random Sabacc.

The NPC ends the conversation and you must converse with them again.

Answer 1: What is it? Answer 2: Err... Yeah I'm great at fixing things.

"You have been given a grav unit repair kit."

Go to the Contact Caravan Leader Waypoint, which should be nearby and talk to the NPC.

Answer 1: Yes. I'm here to make the repairs.

" You have been given a broken grav unit." Bring up the radial menu on the repair kit and choose repair. "You have repaired the 100 GU Grav Unit."

Talk to the NPC again.

Answer 1: Yes, here it is.

"You have been given a data disk."

Go back to the Rebel Coordinator and they will send you to go and speak to the Rebel Tactical Officer in the nearby Guildhall.

Answer 1: I'd be happy to help.

Your target has been located on Endor (or Yavin IV, Endor, Lok  or Dathomir).

Again, you are given a random advanced planet and the waypoint 8190, 8190. You should see 7 NPC's in and around a small building. After you kill them, enter the building. In the back room is a drum with Alderaan Flora. After looting the flora, click on the Data Terminal and set it to Self-Destruct.

You have 30 seconds to exit the building...

Return to the Tactical Officer and converse with him. You should recieve 50 Rebel FP for each flower you drag onto the Tactical Officer. It looks like you can now do the previous mission as many times as you want, and each time you hand him flora he will award you with faction. Now return to the Rebel Coordinator and converse.

Answer 1: I'm up for anything.

You should get a waypoint either on Dathomir, Endor, Yavin IV or Lok. Upon arriving, you will see Princess Leia and a few other Rebel NPC's around a camp. Converse with Princess Leia.

Answer 1: What's going on? Answer 2: What is the enemy doing?

You are given a nearby waypoint called "Protect Research Facility". The bases should be at one of the following places: Lok (-4753, 3516), Dantooine (6877, 2253), Endor (4021, 2970), Dathomir (-48, 86) or Yavin 4 (-4238, 2277). At the waypoint is a large building surrounded by 8 Rebel NPC's. You must defend the base from 3 waves of Storm troopers.

Reward: 750 FP and the Act 3 Cries of Alderaan Badge

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