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Guild Statistics

Statistics based on the Guild data collected with the new Guild Tag feature. Take part and prove that You are the best guild on Your server or even in SWG over all!

Your donations are much appreciated!

Guild Tags

Importing a guild roster

For a few months now it has been possible to export a guild roster in SWG using the HTML-Format. Such an exported guild roster may be uploaded here for a data import. The players listed in the uploaded guild roster will be assigned to the respective guild in the GCW stats.

Setting guild tags on the Offical Board

The player stats now include the players guild tags that are collected as follows: If you use the Sig-Pics in your signature in the offical SWG board (, every access to the picture (that is every view) is logged by my webserver. From these logs I extract the user_id of the player using the sig-pic. I will run a weekly script that checks the profiles of the players recognized in this way. Unfortunately the guild name is no longer contained in the user profile (it was in the old boards) so you have to put in in your profile somehow. The players that want the player stats to show their guild name have to include the following text somewhere in their profile (I recommend the biography but any other field is ok):


e.g. [bb#guild:KND] (for an example see my profile)

In the following table you can find the statistics of all registered guilds. Thanks go to Inep Esmi (Starsider), Mynessa, Darkvaractyl and Kearney Olesa (Gorath), Keyra (FarStar), Xelux Tredanius (Chimaera), nebaf (Bloodfin) and Cyco (Shadowfire) for collecting guild data for their servers.

No.ServerGuild NameFactionOfficersAverage RankPvP Kills TotalWeekly Kills Total

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