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Check out these links with further information about the GCW. You can also find a few links to sites with great ressources helping you with different aspects of SWG.

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Officer Salute

The most recent Officer Salute you can find here.

Historical player list

Check this for a list of all players ever listed in an Officer Salute.

Player City Listing

A slightly improved Player City Listing with Server statistics you can find here.

Collection Server First Statistics

The Collections went live with chapter 7. Those who complete certain collections first on their server receive a Server First, that means they are immortalized on the official website and get the "Collector Extraordinaire" Badge. Unfortunately the official website listing the Server Firsts looks good but is not very handy. So I made my own stats here.

Guild Tags

The player stats now include the players guild tags that are collected as follows: If you use the Sig-Pics in your signature in the offical SWG board, every access to the picture (that is every view) is logged by my webserver. From these logs I extract the user_id of the player using the sig-pic. I will run a weekly script that checks the profiles of the players recognized in this way. Unfortunately the guild name is no longer contained in the user profile (it was in the old boards) so you have to put in in your profile somehow. The players that want the player stats to show their guild name have to include the following text somewhere in their profile (I recommend the biography but any other field is ok):


e.g. [bb#guild:KND] (for an example see my profile)

pre 3.8 GCW Points Formula

Post regarding GCW Points formula at the German SWG Gamona board.

Screenshot of the GCW points table.

Screenshot of the GMs Reply

SWG Tool Sites

SWGCT: SWG Space Ship Statistics and Comparison

Space-Tribe: SWG Space Ship Components/Loot Statistics and Comparison

Junk Yard: Chapter 5 Reverse Engineering Junk Loot Combinations Site

Everything about Collections (Lists, Waypoints, Rewards)

Action-Inside: Information about the Chu-Gon-Dar-Cube and the Chapter 5 RE System


Calculate the chance of Passive Detection

Combinations of Species- and Profession Traits

Hydrolase Enzyme Combinations (server-side calculation)

Ferienhausvermietung in Koserow auf Usedom

Translator and Interpreter Russian/German/English

Formula since patch 3.8

With patch 3.8 the formula used in converting the weekly GCW points into rank progress has been changed. The amount of decay in ranks 7+ has been changed too.

Formula used now:

rt = gcw / (1+(gcw / (const - (250 * rank)))) - decay


rt - is the ranking total gained this week
gcw - is the amount of GCW points you gained this week
decay - is 0 if you are rank 1-6, 3000 if you are rank 7-12
const - is 6750 for ranks 4-12, 7250 for ranks 2 and 3 and 10250 for rank 1 (btw: for ranks 1-6 this number is the theoretical rank total progress cap)

For officers the rank total is increased according to the following formula:

rt = rt * (((19-rank)/(15-rank)) + (const3 / (gcw - const4)))

Where const3 and const4 depend on the rank and are (estimation for rank 12!!!)


What is known:

There have been significant changes to the GCW points to Rank Progress formula.
The new formula uses diminishing returns from the start instead of at a pre-set limit. In a diminishing return formula, your first point is worth more than your last. Thus gaining 1000 GCW points in one week will yield less than 500 points in two consecutive weeks.
The Rank decay values for officers are consistent from week to week. The target GCW point values for each rank are in the following table. Any GCW points past these marks will be converted into progress. The cap of 40% rank loss per week remains.
7. 7500
8. 8200
9. 9000
10. 10200
11. 12000
12. 15000

Regarding rank decay, if you are at rank 7, and rank decay causes you to drop back to enlisted rank, your new enlisted rank will be at the highest possible enlisted rank (i.e. rank 6, 99% progress to rank next rank). At this highest possible enlisted rank, if you just earn 1 GCW point during the following week, when the rank update occurs, you will be promoted to rank 7.

Does that mean if I'm say Rank 8, then once I get 8200 points I don't have any decay that week?
So basicly decay would be 8200 or 40% whatever is lower, after adding my earned gcw points?
No. Whatever GCW points you earn is converted to an equivalent rank progress first. Rank decay is then subtracted from the converted rank progress, and whatever rank progress is left (which could be negative if you did not earn enough GCW points to offset rank decay) is applied to your current rank, % progress to next rank to get a new rank, % progress to next rank.
The 8200 means that if you are at rank 8, then the converted rank progress for 8200 GCW points is enough to completely negate rank decay. If you have fewer than 8200 GCW points, then you will suffer rank decay based on how many points you are short of the 8200 break-even point. Because the conversion formula is non-linear, the nearer you get to the 8200 break-even point, the less and less rank decay you suffer because you did not reach the 8200 break-even point.
The 40% is an upper limit on the maximum decay that you can suffer because you did not reach the 8200 break-even point.

What is not (yet) know: The actual formula used in modifying the officers rank progress.

Old Formula pre-patch 3.8

Calculation was based on the formula provided by a GameMaster.

While the formula used seems to be correct at this time, it may prove to be wrong later (once players get to the higher ranks) or the actual formula in game may be changed by SOE. I will try to keep this calculator up to date though.

Corrections and suggestions are welcome, mail me at

Your rank progress is measured in a linear rank total of 5000 points each rank. Your GCW points are applied to your rank total each Thursday 12pm PDT. The GCW points are converted to a rank progress based on your current rank. The conversion ratio gets worse for higher ranks. At officer ranks a decay is applied to your rank progress each week.

After the removal of the hardcap there is now a softcap that can be passed. The GCW points converted past the soft cap are converted with diminishing returns. The exact formula used beyond the soft cap hasnt been found yet. The calculator uses a approximate formula that is based on current experiences. At the moment I am using the formula progress_over_cap = floor(log10((points_over_cap / 1.1) * 10). That means approximately that you get an additional rank total that equals the number of digits of the GCW points you earned past the soft cap. So you wont get more than 5 additional rank total unless you earn more than 1 Million GCW points.

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