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GCW Server Stats

Check this page if you want to know which server got the most officers! Find out which servers are dominated by the Rebel Alliance and which servers are safely under control of our beloved Emperor.

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NoServerMatching OfficersPvP KillsKills/weekKills/OfficerWeekly Kills/OfficerPromotionsDemotionsRespecs
sum1220-238810 avg-195 avg08088

Factional Alignment (idea: Sonjea Valentek/Shadowfire) and Rank Distribution:

NoServerOfficer Ratio (I/R)ImperialRebelGeneralColonelLt. ColMajorCaptainLtImp Kills TotalReb Kills TotalImp Kills WeekReb Kills WeekKills Ratio (I/R)
1Omega0% / 100%1220-238810% / 100%
sum0% /100 %0122 00000000000/0

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